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    Good News Bible (GNB) Catholic Edit

    Approved by the Catholic Church The Catholic Good News Bible is ideal for use in church, school and personal study. Combining an authoritative translation with a clear, readable style, it includes the Deuterocanonical books in Septuagint order as well as the iconic and well-loved line drawings by Annie Vallotton.
    ISBN: 9780564070879
    Pub Date08/09/2017
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    Extra features have been written especially to help you find your way around the Bible:
    *All-new book introductions
    *How to find Bible references
    *Suggested ways to begin reading
    *100 famous stories
    *An overview of the biblical story in 40 key passages
    *Where to find help in the Bible
    Other helps include:
    *Sidebar navigation, listing the preceding or following books in the margin of every page
    *New maps
    *Word list with simple definitions

    This edition has an imprimatur from the Catholic Church.