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    Don't Open That Box

    Belzoni the cat and Greta the chicken try to get to grips with a hungry crocodile that has just eaten Granny. Flyer 8
    ISBN: 9780862787059
    AuthorMcHale, Conor
    Pub Date01/09/2001
    AvailabilityIn Stock
    Accelerated ReaderLower Years, Book Level: 3.3
    Availability: In Stock

    Two boxes -- one large, one small -- arrive for Granny Lambert. But wily Belzoni, her cat, sees the note printed on the small box that reads: Don't Open that Box, Open this one first! Unfortunately Granny doesn't notice the sign and opens the big box. Out jumps a crocodile, and snap, snap, snap, Granny is gone. And Belzoni is next on the menu.

    Suddenly out of the box jumps a chicken, and with her help Belzoni soon gets to grips with the hungry croc.

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