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    Death and Dying: A Reader

    This book replaces the Dickenson: Death, Dying and Bereavement 2ED as the set text for the OU course Death and Dying (K260), which means guaranteed sales of 800 copies per year through the bookshops.
    ISBN: 9781847875105
    AuthorEarle, Sarah
    SubAuthor1Komaromy, Carol
    SubAuthor2Bartholomew, Caroline
    Pub Date18/11/2008
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    This book draws together a range of both classic and newly commissioned pieces on the multidisciplinary study of death and dying.

    Organized into five parts, the book begins with a general exploration of the meaning of death, before moving on to consider caring at the end-of-life. Further readings explore the moral and ethical dilemmas in the context of death and dying. The fourth part of the book examines the issue of grief and ritual after death, while the final part considers some of the issues that arise when researching in the field of death and dying.

    By drawing together information, reflection and experience this authoritative text will broaden your understanding of the subject area. The book will be a core text for students in nursing, medicine, social work, counselling and health and social care. It will also be essential reading for all professionals and carers who come into contact with death and bereavement.

    Death and Dying: A Reader is the Set Book for the Open University course Death and Dying (K260).