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    The book examines abuse (not clerical or institutional abuse). It explores boundaries and how abuse is an invasion of boundaries. It explores physical, emotional, verbal and financial abuse. The book looks at the abusive personality type, and examines workplace and school bullying.

    Alliance of Pirates


    Anti-Cancer Cookbook

    Cancer causes one in six deaths worldwide and this cookbook takes the most recent evidence-based recommendations for cancer prevention and translated them into an easy to use cookbook

    Atlas of Cork City

    Traced through a wide-ranging series of texts, and through a tapestry of images, this book includes photographs, archival material, satellite images and artworks.

    Atlas of the Great Irish Famine

    The Great Famine is possibly the most pivotal event/experience in modern Irish history. Its global reach and implications cannot be underestimated. In terms of mortality, it is now widely accepted that over a million people perished between the years 1845-1852 and at least one million and a quarter fled the country.


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    The Atlas of the Irish Revolution draws together existing and ongoing new research into the revolutionary period in a broad ranging and inclusive manner. It includes contributions from leading scholars across a range of disciplines

    Bird's Nest Soup

    The author spent the best part of the 1940s and 1950s incarcerated in a psychiatric hospital in the Irish Midlands. 'Mentally well, but unclaimed' - this sums up her horrendous situation. In those days, there was no way out for an unclaimed patient. This title intends to recount the terrible suffering she endured there.

    Building the Irish Courthouse

    This book is the first national history of the building of some of Ireland's most important historic public buildings. Focusing on the former assize courthouses and county gaols, it tells a political history of how they were built, who paid for them, and the effects they had on urban development in Ireland.

    Cork University Press