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    Celtic Fairytales: Sixteen mystical

    Traditional tales from Ireland, Scotland, Wales, Cornwall and Brittany in a charmingly illustrated anthology, with an introduction by folklorist Neil Philip.
    ISBN: 9781861478696
    AuthorWilson Philip
    Pub Date31/07/2019
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    Taken from sources that draw on ancient traditions, these tales from the Celtic lands of Ireland, Wales, Scotland, Brittany, Cornwall and the Isle of Man, have been handed down for centuries by word of mouth. Now retold for a modern readership, with an introduction by folklorist Neil Philip, they will appeal to children of all ages. Read how the lazy giant Tom defeated the giant Blunderbuss and his two dogs Catchem and Tearem; and how King Oisin left the land of youth to return to Ireland only to find himself suddenly 300 years old. At the heart of many of the stories are the mischievous little people (fairies) who create havoc and merriment wherever they go. Enchanting pictures bring the stories vividly to life, making this is a wonderful gift book for any child.