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    Assyrian Palace Sculptures

    Between the 9th and 7th centuries BC the small kingdom of Assyria in northern Iraq expanded through conquest to dominate the region from Egypt to Iran. This book presents visual introduction to some of the greatest works of art from the ancient world, showcasing a series of photographs of the British Museum's collection of Assyrian sculptures.



    Write Your Own Egyptian Hieroglyphs

    The Egyptians believed that the creator god Ptah brought the world into being by naming everything in it. Names had great power, and kings often over-wrote their own names on the monuments of earlier rulers. This book is about reading, writing and understanding ancient Egyptian names, epithets, titles and phrases.

    Celtic Art: in Britain Before the R

    An introduction to the various forms of abstract decoration used by the Celts, asking whether they had a symbolic meaning now lost, or whether they were simple adornment. It examines the craftsmen's techniques, follows the development of patterns and describes a number of surviving masterpieces.




    In the ninth and tenth centuries, the Vikings created an unrivalled cultural network that spanned four continents. This book explores the core period of the Viking Age from a global perspective, examining how the Vikings drew influences from Christian Europe and the Islamic World and how they created a lasting historical impact on our world.

    Viking Ship The


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