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    Shakespeare's Britain

    From the common playgoers to the royal patrons, this book explores Britain from the perspective of Shakespeare's audience revealing how the significant issues of the day were explored at the playhouse through objects and quotations from Shakespeare's plays.

    The world of Stonehenge


    Viking Ship The

    The Viking ship is one of the most iconic images of the Vikings and the longship in particular has been central to our understanding of the Vikings. This book explores the evolution of their sea-going vessels and celebrates this outstanding feature of the Viking Age.


    Brave the terrors of the deep and embark on a Viking voyage: a game to play with your friends. The Vikings travelled long distances in their fast ships, but their voyages were beset with difficulties and rewards were few...You will need counters and dice to play.


    For nearly three hundred years, from the end of the eighth century AD until approximately 1100, the Vikings set out from Scandinavia across the northern world a dramatic time that would change Europe forever. This book explores the Viking conquest and settlement across Britain and Ireland.

    Write Your Own Egyptian Hieroglyphs

    The Egyptians believed that the creator god Ptah brought the world into being by naming everything in it. Names had great power, and kings often over-wrote their own names on the monuments of earlier rulers. This book is about reading, writing and understanding ancient Egyptian names, epithets, titles and phrases.

    British Museum Press