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    A Ladybird Book: The Romans

    ISBN: 9780241544181
    SubAuthor1Cerocchi, Beatrice
    Pub Date04/08/2022
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    Discover the extraordinary rise and fall of the Roman civilisation in this accessible introduction to Roman history.

    The Roman civilisation began in 753 BC. As it grew over the course of 1,000 years, it formed an empire that forever left its mark on history. From the roads we travel on to the languages we speak, we still owe many parts of our everyday lives to the Romans.

    The Romans is a simple, accessible introduction to the history and legacies of this remarkable civilisation. This book is packed full of amazing facts to transport children back in time, where they'll explore the founding of Rome and the dramatic rise and fall of the Roman Empire, as well as what daily Roman life looked like, from its thrilling sports and entertainment, to its infamous baths and banquets.

    You can build your own encyclopedia with A Ladybird Book.

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