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    Gastric and Oesophageal Surgery

    The ideal quick-reference guide for the myriad surgical conditions that trainees and consultants in upper gastrointestinal surgery will face, containing a wealth of evidence-based expert advice as well as practical, highly-illustrated coverage of operative techniques.

    The Handbook of Music Therapy

    This handbook traces the history of recent developments in music therapy and the range of current applications.

    Eating Disorders in Childhood and Adolescence

    In the 4th edition of this comprehensive book, Bryan Lask and Rachel Bryant-Waugh build on the research and expertise of the previous three editions. First published in 1993, this was the first book to explore eating disorders in children and young adolescents, a population that is very different from those in their late teens and adulthood.

    Lost in the Mirror

    Explores the frightening world of BPD patients and helps readers understand their pain.

    Introduction to Addictive Behaviors, Fifth Edition

    Now revised and updated, this widely used text comprehensively reviews theories of addiction to give students and professionals a multidisciplinary foundation for clinical practice. It explores the causes and mechanisms of substance and behavioral addictions, as well as implications for helping people recover.

    Cognitive Behavior Therapy for Adolescents with Eating Disorders

    This state-of-the-art guide provides a powerful transdiagnostic approach for treating adolescent eating disorders in either outpatient or inpatient settings. It describes how enhanced cognitive behavior therapy (CBT-E)--the gold-standard treatment for adult eating disorders--has been systematically adapted and tested with younger patients.

    Addiction Debates. Hot Topics from Policy to Practice

    Addiction Debates explores the tumultuous landscape of addiction research, policy and practice. Covering all the 'hot topics' of the day in a balanced and informative manner, Comiskey provides international perspectives on each topic, stimulating debate and discussion via the different approaches taken globally.

    2 Minutes to Sleep: Everyday Self-C

    Prime yourself for deep, restorative sleep with practical two-minute exercises designed to fit around your life.

    Intensive Cognitive Behavior Therapy For Eating Disorders

    Describes a novel model of intensive treatment for eating disorders, one that is entirely cognitive behavioural in orientation. This book explains how to adapt the CBT-E for an intensive real world settings (intensive outpatient therapy and inpatient treatment) and for severe eating disorder patients.

    Therapy & therapeutics