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    Open Wounds: Holocaust Theater and the Legacy of George Tabori

    This volume collects original essays on Hungarian-German playwright and screenwriter George Tabori (1914-2007) and his remarkable contributions to the stage. Although his illustrious career spanned a century, two continents, several languages, and a variety of literary genres, Tabori's work has received scant attention in American letters.

    Lightwork: Texts on and from Collaborative Multimedia Theatre

    Collection of performance texts from the experimental theatre company Lightwork, along with short essays by key participants. Geared around collaborative creation, it covers an array of approaches including devised, multimedia and site-specific work, providing a rich resource for those making or studying contemporary performance. 20 illus.

    King Henry V

    This stage history of Shakespeare's King Henry V covers the play's theatrical life since 1599. The Introduction traces stage and film versions of this political play and provokes questions: is it an epic of English nationalism, a knowing and cynical piece of power politics, or an anti-war manifesto?


    A provocative, highly engaging essay on the art of pretending on the stage, on screen, and in daily life

    Body Voice Imagination

    Written by one of the master teachers of Michael Chekhov's actor training techniques, this title features a course of exercises that strengthen the link between the basic tools of voice and body and the limitless potential of the actor's imagination.


    Surveys performance art, political theatre, genres, live broadcasts and extravagant spectacles, showcasing the constant and dynamic evolution of stage performance, from classics reinvented to groundbreaking fresh work.

    About Friel

    This series contains what no other study guides can offer - extensive first-hand interviews with the playwrights and their closest collaborators on all of their major work, put together by top academics especially for the modern student market.

    About Beckett: The Playwright and the Work

    In About Beckett Emeritus Professor John Fletcher has compiled a thorough and accessible volume that explains why Beckett's work is so significant and enduring.

    Theatre studies