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    ABC of Sports and Exercise Medicine

    The ABC of Sports and Exercise Medicine provides general practitioners with a comprehensive overview of the field of sports medicine.

    Rehabilitation Techniques for Sports Medicine and Athletic Training

    The definitive reference for athletic training students and professionals who are interested in gaining more in-depth exposure to the theory and practical application of rehabilitation techniques used in a sports medicine environment. Includes more than 1,000 colour illustrations, 700 high-resolution videos, and an integrated laboratory manual.

    Exercise Oncology : Prescribing Physical Activity Before and After a Cancer Diagnosis

    This groundbreaking book presents a unique and practical approach to the evolving field of exercise oncology - the study of physical activity in the context of cancer prevention and control.

    Back in the Game: Why Concussion Doesn't Have to End Your Athletic Career

    Back in the Game: Why Concussion Doesn't Have to End Your Athletic Career is a timely discussion of sports concussions based on science.

    Sports Psychiatry

    This concise and practical handbook covers the breadth of psychiatric conditions with which sportspeople may present.

    Emergencies in Sports Medicine

    The essential quick-referral guide for any medical professional providing immediate care for patients with sporting injuries. The portable format, practical approach and easy-reference layout mean that information can be found quickly in emergency situations.

    The Concussion Crisis in Sport

    Concussion is one of the most important issues in modern sport. But what are the real issues behind the headlines and public outcry, and what could be done to save sport from itself? This concise, provocative introduction draws on perspectives from sociology, medicine, ethics, psychology and public health to answer these questions and more.

    Anatomical Visual Guide to Sports Injuries

    A guide that displays the basic layers of anatomy in key views, movement, and over 150 of the most common sports injuries seen in adult and pediatric patients. It helps primary care and sports medicine practitioners explain anatomical and injury concepts to their patients and clients.

    Sports injuries & medicine