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    How Numbers Work: Discover the Strange and Beautiful World of Mathematics

    How Numbers Work is a tour of the mind-blowing but beautiful realm of numbers and the mathematical rules that connect them.

    The Brain: 10 Things You Should Know

    Professor of Cognitive Neuroscience at UCL, Sophie Scott, presents what you need to know about the brain in ten compelling essays for people short on time

    How Evolution Explains Everything About Life: From Darwin's brilliant idea to today's epic theory

    The journey of a lifetime exploring the question of whether life is inevitable or a one-off fluke, and how it got kick-started.

    The Curious World of Science: A visual miscelllany of stories, theories, discoveries & curiosities plucked from the scientific world

    To some, science is simply a means to an end; to others it is an almost spiritual meditation on theories and formulae.

    Impossible, Possible, and Improbable: Science Stranger Than Fiction

    A scintillating collection of short essays that really does cover 'life, the Universe, and everything'.

    The Importance of Being Interested: Adventures in Scientific Curiosity

    The popular comedian and presenter journeys through science, explaining why it should be for everyone - including enthusiastic amateurs.

    Being a Human: Adventures in 40,000 Years of Consciousness

    A radical work of nature writing and philosophical enquiry, resituating us in our real human skins.

    Flights of Fancy: Defying Gravity by Design and Evolution

    Richard Dawkins explores the wonder of flight. A book about flying - from the mythical Icarus, to the sadly extinct but magnificent bird Argentavis magnificens, to the British Airways pilots of today.

    Science: general issues