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    Renal medicine & nephrology

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    Handbook of Nephrology


    Oxford Desk Reference Nephrology

    The new edition of this comprehensive nephrology desk reference focuses on aspects of renal disease that are important to the clinician, and brings together the key recommendations found in current evidence-based guidelines and presents them in a uniform, easy to use, and accessible format.

    Treatment of Primary Glomerulonephritis

    Focusing on all aspects of primary glomerulonephritis, from their epidemiologies and classification, to their pathogenesis and treatment, this third edition of Treatment of Primary Glomerulonephritis has been fully updated to include the latest research and evidence-based practice.

    Handbook of Critical Care Nephrology

    Designed specifically for nephrologists and trainees practicing in the ICU, Handbook of Critical Care Nephrology is a portable critical care reference with a unique and practical nephrology focus. Full-color illustrations, numerous algorithms, and intuitively arranged contents make this manual a must-have resource for nephrology in today's ICU.

    Clinical Physiology of Acid-Base and Electrolyte Disorders

    Gives students a unique advantage in understanding the mechanisms and clinical management of acid-base disorders. This book presents the information needed to understand renal and electrolyte physiology and also reviews the etiology, diagnosis, pathohysiology and treatment rationale for acid-base and electrolyte disturbances.

    Nephrology in 30 Days

    Designed to impart this knowledge in just thirty days, this book is suitable for medical students, physician assistants, medical residents, and nephrology fellows rotating on the clinical nephrology service elective. It helps you to attain a complete understanding of the basics of nephrology.

    Nutritional Management of Renal Disease

    Offers reviews of the metabolic and nutritional disorders that are prevalent in patients with renal disease. This book provides a common language for nephrologists, nutritionists, and other interested physicians to discuss the underlying research and translation of practices for the nutritional management and prevention of renal disease.

    Renal medicine & nephrology