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    Apollo Remastered


    Abandoned Train Stations

    Illustrated with more than 200 photographs, Abandoned Train Stations provides a fascinating pictorial journey through the little-known remnants of rail transport infrastructure from every part of the world, from grand terminus buildings to rusting tracks in the wilderness.


    One of Humans of New York's most followed stories: the tale of Stephanie Johnson, better known as Tanqueray.

    My Perfect Place in Ireland


    Graves of the Great and Famous: From Jane Austen to Elvis Presley

    Arranged thematically and illustrated with 150 photographs, Graves of the Great and Famous tours the world exploring the resting places of leading artists, thinkers, scientists, sportspeople, revolutionaries, politicians and pioneers, from great mausoleums to little-known country graveyards.

    Book of Days A


    Abandoned Ireland


    Photography & photographs