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    Big Ideas in Brief: 200 World-chang

    The quickest possible way to learn about all of the really Big Ideas - from Metaphysics, Marxism and Monetarism to Platonism, Predestination and Paradigm Shifts.

    Big Ideas: The Little Book of Philo


    Bioethics : What Everyone Needs to Know


    Bioethics: The Basics


    Bizarre-Privileged Items in the Uni


    Book of Minds The: How to Understa

    Prize-winning science writer Philip Ball explores the diversity of thinking minds, from the variety of human minds to those of mammals, insects, computers and plants, in a book that brilliantly illuminates how many different ways there are to think and engage with the world; and how unique are our own.

    Book of Secrets A: Finding Solace


    Bullsh*t Comparisons

    Life is complicated, comparisons are easy. What truths do they hide and what bullsh*t do comparisons propagate? Looking across a fascinating range of situations both familiar and unfamiliar, serious and light-hearted, Bullsh*t Comparisons is a ground-breaking guide to the role of could-be-true but misleading comparisons.

    Bunker: What It Takes to Survive th


    Catastrophe Ethics

    From the small stuff like single-use plastics to major decisions like whether to have children, Rieder defines exactly how we can change our thinking and lead a decent, meaningful life in a scary, complicated world.