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    FASTtrack: Pharmaceutics - Drug Delivery and Targeting

    This FASTtrack book systematically reviews important concepts and facts relating to the delivery and targeting of drugs. Relevant examples of delivery systems are given throughout the book with a focus on delivery systems that have actually reached clinical reality.

    Aseptic Compounding Technique: Learning & Mastering the Ritual

    An in-depth guide to all aspects of aseptic compounding work, including proper hand techniques and maintenance of sterile supplies and equipment, Aseptic Compounding Technique: Learning & Mastering the Ritual is designed to enhance the learning process for pharmacists and technicians at all levels of experience.


    Complementing the guidelines in the British National Formulary, this new edition remains the indispensable guide to clinical pharmacy providing all the information needed for practising and student pharmacists.

    Successful Learning in Pharmacy: Developing study and communication skills

    Filled with practical help and guidance from a team of experienced pharmacists, Successful Learning in Pharmacy is an easy-to-read guide to all the skills you need to be an effective pharmacy student, setting you up for success in your future career.

    The Unofficial Guide to Prescribing

    Lays out the practical steps of how to assess, investigate and manage a patient, with a focus on what to prescribe and how to prescribe it. This title aims to empower newly graduated junior doctors to excel at dealing with emergencies and handling complex prescribing scenarios.

    Pharmacy Education


    Pharmacy / dispensing