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    Histopathology describes the processes and practices that are central to the role of the histopathologist within a functioning diagnostic laboratory, from pre-sampling to diagnosis to laboratory management.


    Cytopathology provides a wide-ranging overview of the microscopic study of normal and abnormal cells, showing how current visualization methods are used to study cell structure, and how early detection of abnormal cell pathology can lead to timely clinical interventions.

    Medical Microbiology

    Medical Microbiology covers a range of key laboratory techniques used in the diagnosis of human diseases caused by microorganisms such as bacteria, viruses, parasites and fungi. The text is written specifically for biomedical science students and uses case studies throughout to highlight the clinical relevance of the techniques being described.

    Manual of Surgical Pathology

    Offers guidance on the evaluation of the surgical pathology specimen, from its arrival in the department to preparation of the final report. This title includes instructions on specimen processing, tissue handling, gross dissection technique, histological examination, application of special stains, and development of a differential diagnosis.

    Pathologic Basis disease



    Designed to provide students with useful concepts of disease processes and altered health states, this text is suitable for both discrete and integrated pathophysiology courses. It features: key concept boxes, color-coded summaries, and icons to delineate special considerations for children, the elderly, and pregnant women.

    Medical Microbiology