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    Learning Disability Nursing at a Glance

    The ideal book for study and revision on pre-registration learning disability nursing courses, this book provides nursing and healthcare students with user-friendly and contemporary information in relation to the key clinical practice issues they may experience when working with people with learning disabilities.

    Supervision and Mentoring in Healthcare

    This bestselling textbook introduces the theories, evidence and research that define supervision, mentoring, learning and student assessment in healthcare today.

    Comprehensive Neonatal Nursing Care

    The sixth edition of this acclaimed neonatal nursing text is completely updated to encompass the most current research findings and strategies for providing cost-effective and evidence-based care. It continues to address neonatal care from a physiologic and pathophysiologic perspective, with a major emphasis on nursing management at the bedside.

    Communication and Interpersonal Skills in Nursing

    This new edition introduces the underpinning theory and concepts required for the development of first class communication and interpersonal skills in nursing. By providing a simple to read overview of the central topics students are able to quickly gain a solid, evidence-based grounding in the subject.

    Simulation Scenarios for Nursing Educators: Making it Real

    When employed as a substitute for real clinical time, simulation scenarios have proven effective in bridging the gap between theory and practice. Written by educators for educators, this book provides all the knowledge, skills, and tools needed to make simulation feasible, enjoyable, and meaningful for students.

    Pain-Free Writing for Nurses: A Step-by-Step Approach

    Reading this book will make you a more effective, prolific author of scholarship. Coverage includes an explanation of why it is important to write; the unique but basic structure of scholarly writing; annotated examples you can use to write a variety of scholarly documents; and strategies for increasing readership of your manuscript.

    Pocket Book for Simulation Debriefing in Healthcare

    This book is a concise manual on debriefing techniques in a clinical educational context. This book provides clear explanations of what constitutes a valuable and effective debriefing, and presents the various approaches that can be used and how debriefing differs from feedback.