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    Neurology & clinical neurophysiology

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    Your Brain, Explained: What Neuroscience Reveals about Your Brain and its Quirks

    A tour around your everyday brain functions, from language to sleep, what can disrupt them and how to protect them.

    What Works for Autistic Children

    Imagine a world where autistic children don't just survive, but thrive...

    FAQs on Dementia

    No question too embarrassing, naive, complicated or simple - everything that's ever been asked about dementia, answered.

    Autistic Experience The: Silenced

    How does it feel to live in a world that doesn't understand, accommodate or even - at times - tolerate you? The Autistic Experience celebrates the autistic voice, explodes the myths and brings new hope for a more genuinely inclusive world.

    Clinical Pathways in Stroke Rehabilitation: Evidence-based Clinical Practice Recommendations

    Based on the available best external evidence, clinical pathways are described for stroke rehabilitation bridging the gap between clinical evidence and clinical decision-making.

    Untypical: How the World Isn't Buil

    It's time to remake the world - the ground-breaking book on what steps we should all be taking for the autistic people in our lives.

    P-CAD Profiling Communication Ability in Dementia

    Assesses and profiles the retained cognitive communication abilities of individuals with dementia. P-CAD facilitates speech & language therapists in all health care settings to assess and manage communication disorders associated with dementia and guides individualised communication partner training.

    Neurology & clinical neurophysiology