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    With over a million copies already sold this is the bestselling story of how one adorable and lovably roguish library cat touched the lives of everyone he came into contact with.



    Shell Country Alphabet The: The Cl

    When is the best time to spot a shooting star or a glow worm? Where does a 'ha-ha' get its name? From weathercocks to rainbows, place names and poets to mazes, dene-holes, crypts and sham ruins, this book can help you look beyond the familiar sights of our landscape and discover the hidden, magical world that remains, just off the motorway.


    Helps readers identify animals from the traces they leave behind - including footprints, droppings, and hiding places. This illustrated field guide contains a Foreword by bushcraft expert Ray Mears. It is intended for those keen to learn more about the often unseen wildlife around them in the countryside.

    Encyclopedia of Birds The

    The Encyclopedia of Birds is the definitive single-volume guide to the birds of the world. It covers the behaviour, diet, distribution, and evolution of every known living bird in the world, and is illustrated throughout with stunning colour photographs and original artwork.


    Presents a prose poem in a long tradition of English pastoral writing. This work is also a celebration of the Norfolk countryside. It asks us to recall that "Crow Country" is not 'ours'. It's a landscape which we cohabit with thousands of other species and is all the richer for these complex fellowships.

    Language of Flowers: A Miscellany

    €14.99 €17.85
    A beautiful gift book celebrating the forgotten language of flowers

    AMNH: The Dinosaur Hunters

    Tells the story of our discovery of dinosaurs through the individuals who dedicated their lives to furthering our knowledge. This book includes 30 recreated facsimile documents, photographs and hand-drawn maps.

    Plant Hunters The: The Adventures

    The Plant Hunters tells the story of our fascination with plants and the discovery of new species. From ancient times, when Alexander the Great included naturalists in his entourage, this intriguing story moves across the world, as plants such as coconut trees, roses and numerous fruits and vegetables were introduced from one country to another.

    Natural history