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    Music Listography Journal

    Suitable for music lovers of different stripes, this book includes 69 music-related list topics - including various things from 'favorite songs from high school' and 'favorite dance party playlist' to 'favorite songs from the '80s' and 'favorite music videos' - and an accompanying illustration for each.

    Beautiful Affair: A Journey in Musi

    From the early days of his music with Stockton's Wing to training at Ballymaloe Cookery School, food and music have been parallel lines that have kept Mike Hanrahan on track his entire life.

    Republic or Death!: Travels in Sear

    National Anthems have been sung for hundreds of years, inspired patriots and rebels, armies and athletes. Each one has its own story. And yet most of us know almost nothing about them. In this book, the author brings the incredible stories behind the world's anthems to life, as well as revealing what they mean to us today.

    Bound for Glory

    An autobiography of Woody Guthrie, founder of modern American folk music. This book presents a cynical, earthy and tragic account of his life in an Oklahoma oil-boom town, of the Depression that followed, and of his subsequent travels in, on, and under trains, in stolen cars and on his feet, round an America going rotten from the top downwards.

    Living Opera

    Living Opera offers revealing interviews with two dozen top opera professionals working on and behind the international stage today. Singers, conductors, stage directors and opera-house directors reflect on why opera is important to them, why they have dedicated their lives to it and why it continues to fascinate audiences around the world.

    Companion to Medieval and Renaissance Music

    This text on medieval and Renaissance music is intended for students of early music, university music departments and performers of early music. It covers types of music and individual composers and musicians, as well as various genres, both vocal and instrumental.



    Ring of the Nibelung The