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    Brutish Museums The: The Benin Bro

    The book that changed the conversation on the contemporary museum

    Conservation of Cultural Heritage

    This textbook aims to provide a broad overview of museum conservation and preservation, ranging across both more traditional approaches to art and archaeological artefacts, and more modern ethical and philosophical concerns relating to the conservation and preservation of anthropological collections, and the material culture of indigenous ...

    Culture Incorporated: Museums Arti


    Curationism: How Curating Took Over

    A criticism of the saturation of the 'curator' in art, business and everyday life

    Medical Museums: Past, Present, Future


    Mummified: The Stories Behind Egyptian Mummies in Museums

    Mummified explores the curious, unsettling and controversial cases of mummies held in French and British museums. From powdered mummies eaten as medicine to mummies unrolled in public, dissected for racial studies and DNA-tested in modern laboratories, there is a lot more to these ancient remains than first meets the eye. -- .

    New Museology

    A collection of essays discussing critical issues of museum history, theory and practice.

    Preserving Cultural Heritage in the Digital Age: Sending Out an S.O.S.

    This volume is a gateway to enhancing the scale and reach of capturing, analyzing, managing, curating, and disseminating cultural heritage knowledge in sustainable ways and promoting collaboration among scholars and stakeholder communities.

    Stories from Small Museums

    This book tells the story of the boom in smalls museums that took place in Britain from the 1960s onwards. Drawing on extensive interview materials, it explores why community groups, families and individuals were inspired to set up museums, teasing out the connections between personal experience and national change. -- .

    Why the Museum Matters

    A powerful reflection on the universal art museum, considering the values critical to its history and anticipating its evolving place in our cultural future

    Museology & heritage studies