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    Psychology for Midwives

    This accessible, evidence-based book explores how important it is for midwives to understand the psychological aspects of care, in order to create positive experiences for mothers and families.

    Midwifery : The Basics

    Midwifery: The Basics provides an engaging and authentic insight into the midwife's world. It explores the role of the midwife as a clinician and professional, showing how midwives can support women both to achieve a healthy full-term pregnancy and a smooth transition to motherhood.

    Education for Parenting: A Guide for Health Professionals

    How can future parents best be prepared for parenting? And what kind of support and help can health professionals really give all parents? This book explores the skills that health professionals need in order to support parents' efforts to be "good enough" . It also looks at the basic skills of adult education and how these can be applied.

    Myles Textbook for Midwives


    Leading Antenatal Classes

    Takes a practical approach to antenatal education. This title leads the reader step by step through a range of issues involved with leading classes, including the role of the class leader, planning and monitoring course content, teaching aids and active learning techniques.

    Squaring the Circle: Normal birth research, theory and practice in a technological age

    Squaring the Circle is a cutting-edge guide to the state of the art of normal childbirth, with contributions from world-renowned experts in their fields.