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    Educated: The Sunday Times and New

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    Playing in the Dark

    In 1977, Eamonn Cooke was a household name in Ireland. He'd launched the controversial pirate radio show, Radio Dublin, from his cramped living room in Inchicore and for youngsters everywhere in Ireland he was a public hero. But there was a terrible side to this trendy 'granddaddy of Irish radio' that no one could ever have imagined.

    Hilliker Curse The: My Pursuit of

    The year was 1958. Jean Hilliker had divorced her fast-buck hustler husband and resurrected her maiden name. Her son, James, was ten years old. He hated and lusted for his mother and "summoned her dead." She was murdered three months later.

    Boy with the Topknot

    For the author, growing up in Wolverhampton in the eighties was a confusing business. On the one hand, these were the heady days of George Michael mix-tapes, Dallas on TV and, if he was lucky, the occasional Bounty Bar. This title tells his story.

    All Points North

    Charting the rugged and uneven terrain of a writer's formative years - from tax problems to probation to American tours, football to family to running away to Iceland - this title explores growing up and being Northern.

    Journey Through a Small Planet

    Recalls the author's working-class Jewish childhood in the East End of London. This book describes the overcrowded tenements of Brick Lane and Whitechapel, the smell of pickled herring and onion bread, the rattle of sewing machines and chatter in Yiddish. It also relates stories of his parents, who fled from Russia in 1914.

    My Family and Other Animals


    Boy in the Water A


    Reporter: A Memoir