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    The Biggest Number in the World: A Journey to the Edge of Mathematics

    The weird and wonderful quest for unfathomably large numbers

    Game Theory: Understanding the Mathematics of Life

    Brian Clegg was always fascinated by Isaac Asimov's classic Foundation series of books, in which the future is predicted using sophisticated mathematical modelling of human psychology and behaviour. Only much later did he realise that Asimov's 'psychohistory' had a real-world equivalent: game theory.

    How to Lie with Statistics

    Introduces the reader to the niceties of samples (random or stratified random), averages (mean, median or modal), errors (probable, standard or unintentional), graphs, indexes, and other tools of democratic persuasion.

    What's the Use?: The Unreasonable Effectiveness of Mathematics

    A bestselling author tries to rehabilitate a much-maligned field.

    Numbers: 10 Things You Should Know

    Discover the ten things we all should know about mathematics in this fascinating collection of short essays

    How to Expect the Unexpected: The S

    A fascinating exploration of how we can make better, accessible, mathematically-informed predictions about the world around us.

    CISSP (R) Study Guide


    Fuzzy Thinking

    Fuzzy logic is the next wave in technology. Japanese electronics giants have, in the last ten years, already staked their commercial future on the benefits of fuzzy production; naturally, only recently have European and US companies begun to catch up. This book looks at fuzzy thinking.