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    Handbook of Home Design: An Architect's Blueprint for Shaping your Home

    Laura Jane Clark brings you inspiring architectural ideas and design solutions for updating your home without breaking the bank.

    Emily in Paris: Paris, J'Adore!: The Official Authorized Companion

    A little bonjour goes a long way...

    A Little Book for Christmas: A Celebration of the Most Wonderful Time of the Year

    This book looks at all aspects of what the festive period means for people all over the world, beginning with a history of Christmas that looks at Yule, Nativity and Christmas as well as pagan celebrations. Includes facts, quotes, jokes, sayings and words of wisdom and fun from around the world.

    Coleen's Real Style

    What Coleen Rooney doesn't know about style and shopping isn't worth knowing, and she is a fashion inspiration to girls everywhere. Now she's put together a glossy, gorgeous style guide that contains everything you could EVER want to know about high-street fashion, beauty, hair and makeup, body care and style.

    LuLu's Secrets to Looking Good

    Lulu is the ultimate beauty icon for women -- small in stature, but big in personality and attitude, she's renowned for looking fantastic for her age. How does she do it?

    Lifestyle & personal style guides