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    So would you like to live your very own Goddess experience? Whatever kind of Goddess you are, you're sure to find a little inspiration on every page of this beautifully packaged, sumptuously designed new book.

    Coleen's Real Style

    What Coleen Rooney doesn't know about style and shopping isn't worth knowing, and she is a fashion inspiration to girls everywhere. Now she's put together a glossy, gorgeous style guide that contains everything you could EVER want to know about high-street fashion, beauty, hair and makeup, body care and style.

    LuLu's Secrets to Looking Good

    Lulu is the ultimate beauty icon for women -- small in stature, but big in personality and attitude, she's renowned for looking fantastic for her age. How does she do it?

    Omoiyari: The Japanese Art of Compa

    'Omoiyari is a form of selfless compassion - putting yourself in the shoes of others, and from their perspective anticipating their needs, acting in a way that might make them at ease, happy or comfortable.'

    Bobbi Brown Beauty: The Ultimate Be

    Bobbi Brown Beauty is the ultimate beauty reference. Bobbi Brown helps readers to recognise their own remarkable beauty traits and to develop their own natural beauty styles, offering clear systematic advise on such issues as: how to make lipstick last;

    Well-dressed Woman's Do's and Dont's

    Bombarded with contradictory information from TV celebs and glossy magazines, how are we supposed to know just what to wear? For the thoroughly modern girl, this book advocates a Parisienne sense of style. It examines wardrobe items from undergarments to frocks and hats.

    Cabin Porn: Inside


    Lifestyle & personal style guides