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    Bart Simpson's Guide to Life

    The world's most popular delinquent reveals all in this guide to the hard knock facts of life, out now in paperback.

    "Simpsons" Comics Royale

    Brought out to celebrate the publication of the 50th Simpsons Comic, Simpsons Comics Royale contains the best of the first 49 issues, as well as the entire 50th edition.

    Lovely Love Story

    A beautiful story about two lovely dinosaurs with a message as old as time itself - that being together is better than being apart... the perfect gift for Valentine's Day

    Homer Book

    The first in a brand new series of pocket-sized, full-colour companions to the Simpsons.

    "Simpsons" Uncensored Family Album

    Everything you've ever wanted to know about The Simpsons and were afraid to ask is revealed as the Simpson family dusts off their private scrapbook and allows a small gift facsimile edition to be published at last!

    The Lisa Book (The Simpsons Library of Wisdom)

    Pi carumba! You'll be livin' la vida Mensa with...The Lisa Book.

    Shoes Chocs Bags and Frocks

    Sometimes all a woman needs is a great pair of shoes - sometimes chocolate is the swiftest route to happiness. In this beautifully produced collection of drawings specifically for women, Edward Monkton brings together some of his best-known musings in his own quirky and inimitable style. It's the perfect gift for mothers and for women of all ages.


    The satirical musings of Matt Groening's The Simpsons will be at the tip of your tongue and a fingertip away with Ned Flanders' Book of Faith -- the newest volume in the wildly popular series The Simpsons Library of Wisdom.

    The Men Commandments

    The Bible For Blokes From The Daddy Of Breakfast Radio

    I Love You

    Bestselling artist Edward Monkton's profound and funny musings on LOVE and RELATIONSHIPS are both funny and profound, making this collection the perfect gift for lovers everywhere.