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    Scrabble Dictionary (Collins Gem)

    Every word counts! Based on Scrabble Words, the most comprehensive Scrabble wordlist ever, this first edition of Collins Gem Scrabble is an essential buy for Scrabble players.


    Every word counts! An essential resource for all Scrabble players. Containing all the words of up to nine letters in length from Collins Scrabble Words, Collins Scrabble Dictionary allows players to settle disputes over the eligibility of words.

    The Times Killer Su Doku Book 1: 110 challenging puzzles from The Times

    Killer Su Doku poses an even greater challenge than the Fiendish Su Doku puzzles.Here are 110 previously unpublished puzzles for hard-core Su Doku addicts.

    Times Su Doku The: Bk. 7

    With the massive appetite for Su Doku puzzles seemingly insatiable, The Times brings you another offering to satisfy those cravings.

    Pocket Dangerous Book for Boys

    If ever there was a book to make you switch off your television set, 'The Dangerous Book for Boys' was it. And now, from the same authors, comes 'The Pocket Book of Things to Do' - packed with exciting and fun things to keep you entertained all summer.

    Coffee Break Su Doku

    100 brand new puzzles from the Su Doku guru, Wayne Gould

    Pub Quiz 2

    Following on from the original and best-selling Collins Pub Quiz book, we return with a brand new addition to our Quiz Book family: Collins Pub Quiz 2.

    Scrabble Dictionary (Collins Gem)

    Every word counts! This new edition of Collins Gem Scrabble Dictionary is the perfect companion for all Scrabble games, in a handy portable format. Based on Scrabble Words, the most comprehensive Scrabble wordlist ever, it gives short, succinct definitions to help players use the best words for their game of Scrabble.

    Collins Ultimate Scrabble Word List

    Every word counts! The most comprehensive Scrabble Dictionary ever. This new title is the perfect reference for all players and includes an exhaustive list of every valid word playable in Scrabble and an invaluable supplement with advice and guidance for better play.

    Collins Official Scrabble Lists

    Collins Scrabble (TM) Lists will help you learn more words to improve your game, whether you're looking to become the next World Scrabble Champion or just to turn the tables on that friend or relation who always seems to beat you!

    Hobbies, quizzes & games