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    History of art / art & design styles

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    Journey Through Islamic Arts



    A celebration of Japanese printmaking, birds and their habitats, and the pleasures of nature, this magnificent boxed set features more than sixty impeccably reproduced images from masters of the form.

    History of Colour The: How we see

    The History of Colour explores the rich history of human's relationship with colour, from ancient times to today.

    How to Enjoy Art: A Guide for Every

    An entertaining and lively guide to rediscovering the pleasure in art

    After Impressionism: Inventing Mode

    Concentrating on the period of great upheaval from the 1880's to the outbreak of World War I, this book will explore the constructive dialogue between painting and sculpture, and the influential roles played by three giants of the era, Paul Cezanne, Paul Gauguin and Vincent van Gogh, across European art as a whole.

    Story of Art The

    A cornerstone of art history - in a compact yet readable format and with a new preface by the author's granddaughter

    History of art / art & design styles