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    Through Her Eyes: A new history of Ireland in 21 women

    This remarkable book provides an account of the history of Ireland like we've never seen before. Told through the prism of the lives of twenty-one extraordinary women, it offers an alternative vision of Irish history, one that puts the spotlight on women whose contributions have been forgotten or overlooked.

    Great Hatred: The Assassination of Field Marshal Sir Henry Wilson MP

    A gripping investigation into one of Irish history's greatest mysteries, Great Hatred reveals the true story behind one of the most significant political assassinations to ever have been committed on British soil.

    Warrior Queens & Quiet Revolutionar

    A journey through history of the women who built the world, but whom the world forgot.

    The Irish Civil War in Colour

    Here is the story of Ireland's Civil War in colour for the first time. The events of 1922-1923 are revealed using photographs painstakingly hand-coloured by John O'Byrne. Many of these photographs have never been published before. They carry informative captions by Michael B. Barry, based on extensive historical research.

    The Conquistadors: A Very Short Introduction

    This Very Short Introduction examines the Spanish conquistadors who invaded the Americas in the sixteenth century, as well as the Native American Kingdoms they invaded.

    No Middle Path PB


    War is a Racket


    The Maya: A very short introduction

    Restall and Solari explore Maya identity, politics, culture, and indigenous views of the universe from ancient times to the present. With the Maya historically subdivided and misunderstood in so many ways, the pursuit of what made them "the Maya" is all the more important.