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    Penguin Book Bag Casebook of Sherlo

    Originally published in 1967, this book discusses economic and constitutional developments and religious history in relation to their political consequences. Political theory is treated in two sections: one is devoted to the ideas current from 1789 to the 'revolutionary year' of 1848, and another to those of the Bismarckian era.

    Fifties The: An Underground Histor

    From historian Jim Gaines, a bold and original argument that the fifties were not the decade of group-think and conformity we remember them to be, but instead the moment when the radical movements of late 20th century America were born, thanks to a half- dozen solitary, gifted, and stubborn pioneers.

    Man with Miraculous Hands The: The

    The incredible story of Felix Kersten who used his influence over Henrich Himmler to save thousands of lives during the Second World War

    Dancing for Stalin: A True Story of

    The true story of one couple's fight for survival in Stalin's Russia: a famous ballerina, sent to the Gulag, and her husband, who found a way to save her against all odds.

    Other Renaissance The: From Copern

    An original and compelling history of the northern European medieval renaissance in art, science and philosophy, which rivalled its Italian counterpart, by the author of The Florentines and The Borgias.

    Afghanistan Papers The: A Secret H

    Just as the Pentagon Papers exposed our government's lies about Vietnam, The Afghanistan Papers reveals how three successive presidents and their military commanders systematically deceived the public about the longest war in American history, prolonging it year after year because they didn't want to admit defeat.