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    Oxford textbook of Geriatric Medicine

    The third edition of the definitive international reference book on all aspects of the medical care of older persons will provide every physician involved in the care of older patients with a comprehensive resource on all the clinical problems they are likely to encounter, as well as on related psychological, philosophical, and social issues.

    Oxford Handbook of Geriatric Medicine

    The Oxford Handbook of Geriatric Medicine provides user-friendly advice in a field that has limited evidence, yet makes up a substantial proportion of the work of most clinicians.

    Oxford Case Histories in Geriatric Medicine

    This new addition to the Oxford Case Histories series is a specialty-based collection of geratology cases. Based around the specialist training curriculum for geriatrics, Oxford Case Histories in Geriatric Medicine covers the presentation, management, and treatment of illness in older people and relevant social and ethical issues.

    Dementia Reconsidered

    Drawing on research evidence, logical analysis and the author's own experience, this book scrutinizes and reappraisals various ideas about dementia. The unifying theme is the personhood of men and women who have dementia.

    Pressure Ulcers in the Aging Population: A Guide for Clinicians

    Pressure Ulcers in the Aging Population

    Excellent Dementia Care in Hospitals: A Guide to Supporting People with Dementia and Their Carers

    Hospital workers are increasingly expected to have the knowledge and skills to care for people with dementia. This best-practice guide presents key information and strategies for working with people with dementia in hospitals to manage common issues. With a focus on person-centred care, this is an essential resource for healthcare staff.

    Breakfast with the Centenarians: Th

    Learn the art of growing old from the supercentenarians living life to the fullest.



    Geriatric medicine