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    A Dictionary of Forensic Science

    This new dictionary covers a wide range of terms used in the field of forensic science, touching on related disciplines such as chemistry, biology, and anthropology. Case examples, figures, and photographs make it the ideal reference for students and practitioners of forensic science, as well as those with an interest in forensic science.

    Brogdon's Forensic Radiology

    Demonstrates the application of radiology in cases involving identifying remains, evaluating causes of death, and establishing evidence. This second edition also features material on the large scale investigation of war crimes and human rights abuses; technological changes and the role of virtual autopsies; and reconstruction of gunshot injuries.

    Encyclopedia of Forensic and Legal Medicine


    Forensic Pathology of Trauma

    In the process of establishing the cause and manner of death, representatives of various investigative bodies have several responsibilities, including explaining the death to family members, attempting to reduce the risk of similar deaths in the future, and, if applicable, apprehending the individuals who are responsible for the death.

    Forensic Psychiatry: Clinical, Legal and Ethical Issues, Second Edition

    This book forms a comprehensive yet practical guide to the psychiatry of mentally disordered offenders and other victims.

    Knight's Forensic Pathology


    Paediatric Forensic Medicine and Pathology

    Child abuse and suspicious child deaths continue to be very complicated problems for the clinician and pathologist to investigate. This book examines the growing evidence base for forensic pathology in paediatric cases in order to present an objective reference for all those working in the field.

    The Art of Personal Injury Report Writing


    Forensic medicine