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    Managerial Accounting, Global Edition

    €78.74 €83.75
    For courses in Introduction to Management Accounting This text helps students make the connection between managerial accounting concepts and the businesses they deal with everyday through strong coverage and effective practice. By presenting actual accounting decisions made in companies like Target and J. Crew, the text's precise coverage of the core concepts engages students in the learning process.

    Corporate Finance and Investment: Decisions and Strategies

    Support your students' understanding of the principles of Corporate Finance from theory to practice. Corporate Finance and Investment: Decisions and Strategies, 9th Edition studies the discipline from an international perspective, helping your students develop the career tools they need to tackle Finance cases in a real business environment.

    Frank Wood's Business Accounting: Volume 2

    Topics covered in this book include double-entry bookkeeping, financial statements, daybooks and ledgers, value added tax, capital and revenue expenditure, accounting concepts and standards, adjustments to the financial statements, and bad debts and provision for doubtful debts.

    Intelligent Investor

    Presents the philosophy of "value investing", which helps protect investors against the areas of possible substantial error and teaches them to develop long-term strategies with which they will be comfortable down the road. This book enables you to make the right decisions to protect your investments and make them a success.


    By slashing interest rates to bail out investors, Fed Chairman Alan Greenspan made a lot of people rich but his actions resulted in the dot-com disaster of 2000 and the mortgage mess of 2007. This title reveals the truth behind Greenspan's recklessness. It offers an economic wake-up call for citizens and investors.

    Big Short

    From the jungles of the trading floor to the casinos of Las Vegas, The Big Short, this title tells the story of the misfits, renegades and visionaries who saw that the biggest credit bubble of all time was about to burst, bet against the banking system - and made a killing.

    Finance & accounting