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    Kealy and Hussey have compiled a selection of personal essays by one of Ireland's leading intellectuals and politicians. Dealing with topics as diverse Marxism, care of the earth, Zionism, and education, this illustrated volume sheds light on Keating's often progressive and sometimes controversial views on numerous aspects of Irish society.

    Let Me Stand Alone

    The intensely moving and beautifully written journal of the young American activist, published to coincide with the fifth anniversary of her death.

    100 Letters That Changed the World

    The 100 letters collected in this beautifully illustrated book demonstrate the power of the written word to inspire, astonish and entertain. Ranging from ink-inscribed tablets vividly describing life in the Roman Empire to remarkable last wills and testaments, passionate outpourings of love and despair, and succinct notes with deadly consequences.

    Very Best of (Billy Keane)


    Boundless and Miraculous

    Extracts from Van Gogh's letters are presented as `found poems', mainly in the form of sonnets. They record many of the pivotal moments in his life, and Van Gogh's frame of mind and his emotional state at these times are evident in the content and tone of the writing. Book also includes 87 colour plates

    Therapists Client Log Book


    Therapists Client Log Book


    Diaries, letters & journals