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    Oral Candidosis: Physiopathology, Decision Making, and Therapeutics

    This book on oral candidosis is for dentists and related professionals who require a straightforward update on the important new advances relating to physiopathology, virulence and treatment.

    Lasers in Restorative Dentistry: A Practical Guide

    This book presents the state of the art in the use of laser in restorative dentistry. After discussion of relevant background, basic physics and laser types, the full range of clinical applications is covered with the aid of more than 600 clinical photographs, charts, and tables.

    Esthetic Perio-Implantology

    This book is the culmination of extensive research and experience in the field of esthetic mucogingival surgery and implant dentistry. The authors rely on clinical documentation and scientific evidence to establish innovative esthetic protocols for the management of mucogingival complications in implant dentistry.

    3D Imaging and Dentistry: From Multiplanar Cephalometry to Guided Navigation in Implantology

    Ample direction is given on proper image processing and how to read CBCT scans, including a comprehensive anatomical atlas. In addition, the authors explain how to compile volumetric 3D reconstructions and use them in computer simulation to plan surgical phases.

    Handbook Of Craniomaxillofacial Surgery

    Covers various subjects encompassing the field of craniofacial surgery. Intended for the less experienced craniofacial audience (the medical students, residents and fellows), this title explains the fundamental concepts and techniques in craniomaxillofacial surgery.

    Cultures of Oral Health: Discourses, Practices and Theory

    Oral health is integral to well-being and quality of life. This important edited volume brings together leading scholars to address global oral health and the multiple ways in which theory, practice and discourse have shaped it in the modern period.