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    Beautiful Visualization : Looking At Data Through The Eyes Of Experts

    With contributions from more than two dozen experts, this book demonstrates why visualizations are beautiful not only for their aesthetic design, but also for elegant layers of detail that efficiently generate insight and new understanding.

    Data Governance For Dummies


    File System Forensic Analysis

    Begins with an overview of investigation and computer foundations. This book describes data structures, analyzes example disk images, provides advanced investigation scenarios, and uses open source file system analysis tools. It analyzes the contents of multiple disk volumes, such as RAID and disk spanning.

    If Then: How One Data Company Inven

    A brilliant, revelatory account of the Cold War origins of the data-mad, algorithmic twenty-first century, from the acclaimed and internationally bestselling author.

    Intelligent Modeling, Prediction, and Diagnosis from Epidemiological Data: COVID-19 and Beyond

    Intelligent Modelling, Prediction, and Diagnosis from Epidemiological Data COVID-19 and Beyond is a handy treatise to elicit and elaborate possible intelligent mechanisms for modeling, prediction, diagnosis and early detection of diseases arising out of outbreaks of different epidemics with special reference to COVID-19

    Ontological Engineering: With Examp

    Ontological Engineering refers to the set of activities that concern the ontology development process, the ontology life cycle, the methods and methodologies for building ontologies, and the tool suites and languages that support them.

    Painting by Numbers: Data-Driven Hi