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    The handbook of child and adolescen

    This updated book incorporates advances in the field and new material to provide a reliable and accessible resource for clinical psychologists

    Breaking Free of Child Anxiety and OCD: A Scientifically Proven Program for Parents

    Anxiety disorders and OCD are the most common mental health problems of childhood and adolescence. This book provides a complete, step-by-step program for parents looking to alleviate their children's anxiety by changing the way they themselves respond to their children's symptoms.

    Treating Childhood and Adolescent Anxiety: A Guide for Caregivers

    Every child experiences fear, but when a child experiences fear so consistently that it affects their daily function or well being, it becomes highly likely that an anxiety disorder is to blame. This book shows clinicians how to effectively use evidence-based techniques such as exposure therapy, CBT, and mindfulness to alleviate children's anxiety.

    Psychiatric Mental Health Assessment and Diagnosis of Adults for Advanced Practice Mental Health Nurses

    This text provides a comprehensive and evidence-based introduction to psychiatric mental health assessment and diagnosis in advanced nursing practice.

    A Guide to the Formulation of Plans and Goals in Occupational Therapy

    This practical guide for occupational therapists introduces a tried and tested method for moving from assessment to intervention, by formulating plans and measurable goals using the influential Model of Human occupation (MOHO).

    Mindful Cognitive Behavioural Therapy: A Simple Path to Healing, Hope, and Peace

    A fresh approach for treating mental health issues that speaks to our times, blending mindfulness and spirituality with CBT to overcome negative thinking, achieve deep healing, and attain lasting peace.

    The 15 Minute Case Conceptualization: Mastering the Pattern-Focused Approach

    Therapists need an effective approach to case conceptualization that has three key functions. It must explain and guide treatment, and it must predict challenges and obstacles that are likely to arise over the course of treatment. This allows therapists to proactively respond. The 15 Minute Case Conceptualization is a clinician-friendly approach that is quick to use and easy to learn and master.

    Cognitive Behavioural Therapy: A Very Short Introduction

    CBT is a form of psychological therapy with a range of approaches that share a common underpinning model of the importance of cognition and behaviour in alleviating psychological distress. This book gives an overview of what CBT is, what it does, when it can be used, and the ways in which the field can adapt to meet future challenges.

    Clinical psychology