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    Anticancer Therapeutics: From Drug Discovery to Clinical Applications


    Asymmetric Synthesis of Drugs and Natural Products

    This book focuses on different techniques of asymmetric synthesis of important compounds, such as drugs and natural products. It gives insightful information on recent asymmetric synthesis by Inorganic, Organic and Enzymatic combinations.

    Chemical and Chemical Reactivity Plus Fundamentals of Organic Chemistry


    Chemistry & Chemical Reactivity


    Elements: A Very Short Introduction

    Traces the history and cultural impact of the elements on humankind, and examines why people have long sought to identify the substances around them. Looking beyond the Periodic Table, the author takes us on a tour: from the Greek philosophers who propounded a system with four elements to the modern-day scientists who are able to create their own.

    Fundamentals of Analytical Chemistry




    Heterogeneous Catalysis: A Versatile Tool for the Synthesis of Bioactive Heterocycles

    " For more than a century, bioactive heterocycles have formed one of the largest areas of research in organic chemistry. They are important from a biological and industrial point of view as well as to the understanding of life processes and efforts to improve the quality of life. This book highlights the recent methodologies used in the synthesis

    Hydrophilic Interaction Liquid Chromatography (HILIC) and Advanced Applications