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    Biology, life sciences

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    Virusphere : Ebola,Aids, Influenza

    A virologist's insight into how viruses evolve and why global epidemics are inevitable

    Metazoa: Animal Minds and the Birth

    The follow-up to the BBC Radio 4 Book of the Week Other Minds A Times and Sunday Times Book of the Year A Waterstones Best Book of 2020 The scuba-diving philosopher explores the origins of animal consciousness.

    Little Book of Bees The: An Illust

    Bees continue to fascinate and charm us all - from novice gardeners and nature-lovers to dedicated environmentalists - and today, bees need our help more than ever. Discover the story of these incredible creatures, with The Little Book of Bees.

    Elephants: Birth Life and Death in

    Elephants are as unique as people. They can be clever and curious or headstrong and impulsive, shy or sociable. Learn to know them as individuals as well as a species in this evocative account of years spent studying elephant behaviour in the wild.

    Beak Tooth and Claw: Living with P

    'A must read for all wildlife lovers' Dominic Dyer Foxes, buzzards, crows, badgers, weasels, seals, kites - Britain and Ireland's predators are impressive and diverse and they capture our collective imagination. But many consider them to our competition, even our enemies.

    Collins Garden Birdwatcher's Bible

    Combining practical birdwatching tips, the insights of internationally renowned ornithologists and the science, nature, art and history of birds, The Collins Garden Birdwatcher's Bible is a glorious celebration of the stunning world of birds.


    Intends to understand how the human body works. This book also helps you understand the relationship of humans to other living things in the biosphere.

    Physiological Ecology of Forest Production

    Discusses the basic physiological processes that determine the growth of plants, the way they are affected by environmental factors and how we can improve processes that are well-understood such as growth from leaf to stand level and productivity.

    Biology, life sciences