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    50 Things to Try to Save the World

    Activities for bold, brave, green, heroic, caring, daring, dreaming, mindful, shouting, creative, rescuing, resourceful Earth-warriors! A super positive journal-style, pocket-sized activity book full of mindful activities to help children fight the climate crisis, change the world for the better and learn about the environment.

    Beginner's Guide to English A

    This is the perfect book to accompany school starters as they learn English. Each expertly designed section encourages enthusiasm, builds confidence and gives young learners the basic English skills. Learning through clear, fun and familiar examples will spark a lifelong passion for English!

    Fluorescent Fashions Drawing

    This book is totally a la mode! Encourage everyone's inner fashionista with this fun and flashy drawing and colouring book. From designer shop window displays to doggy coats and sumptuous scarves, the fashions inside are waiting for kids to style them.

    Hello Handbook! Ukrainian-English

    Make fast friends in English or Ukrainian with this handy book of conversation-starting words and phrases. There are 100 everyday words plus essential phrases in both English and Ukrainian, each beautifully illustrated and arranged by theme. Follow the link to hear audio of native speakers, then take that first welcoming step ... and say 'hello'!

    Make & Colour Paper Planes: 8 Planes to Cut out and Colour

    Race your friends with the Silver Arrow, the Cloud Skimmer, the Loop the Looper and the Classic Dart. Coloured crayons, a pair of scissors and careful folding are all you need to make up these terrific paper planes...then watch them fly! A wonderful starter activity book for young plane enthusiasts - hours of fun, folding and flying.


    Build your very own farmhouse and farmyard with this great activity book. Fold out the cover, add the press-out sides to the farmhouse and build your own hedges and walls. Colour in and cut out the black and white figures and animals for hours of farmyard fun.

    Real-Life Mysteries: Can You Explain the Unexplained?

    Have you ever wondered what exactly does go bump in the night? From mysteries like Shackleton's ghostly companion to the Loch Ness Monster and friends, read the amazing evidence about these mysterious cases and make up your own mind. Things are not always what they seem - until they are, then you might wish you had never asked!
    Accelerated Reader
    Middle Years, Book Level: 6.3

    Stretch Your Confidence: Discover what you can do!

    From dealing with friendship wobbles to embracing mistakes and coping with change, the awesome activities in this book have been expertly designed to help children discover just what they can do. Build confidence and empathy with inclusivity expert Beth Cox, Power Thoughts founder Natalie Costa and Blue Peter Book Award winner Vicky Barker.

    b small publishing limited