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    Primary Wood Processing

    This revised book is primarily a general text covering the whole sweep of the forest industries. It has no competitors with regard to its philosophical approach to the subject, and it is the only book covering the subject in a way comprehensible for the generalist.

    Humane Livestock Handling

    Reviews the natural behaviour and temperament of cattle. This book describes low-stress methods for moving cattle on pastures, paddocks, and feedlot pens. It features plans for various things from gate latches to chutes, corrals, and sorting pens for full-scale facilities.

    First Time Beekeeping: An Absolute

    First Time Beekeeping is an absolute beginner's guide to keeping bees with ease and success.

    Bee's Knees


    Bee Garden: All you need to know in

    This book offers everything you need to plant and nurture a garden that will make wild bees happy. With a description of 16 types of bees, and full lists of the shrubs, perennials and blooms they love, you will be able to create spaces bursting with colour and bee-friendly scents.

    Hen Keeping

    Chickens are back in style with a vengeance: poultry breeders are struggling to cope with the increase in demand and gardens resound to the contented cluck of chickens.

    Beekeeping - A Seasonal Guide

    A classic work on beekeeping returns in paperback. Packed with expert advice for beekeepers of all levels, this charming and practical guide contains in-depth but simple instructions for all the techniques you need, from choosing your own hive to harvesting the tastiest honey.

    Agriculture & farming