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    Research Methods in Law

    Designed for use by post-graduate students in law and legal studies this book provides a useful and critically rigorous introduction to the different research methodologies available to the student. The book gives students who are setting out on a project or dissertation a firm grounding on which they can base their research.
    ISBN: 9781138230194
    AuthorEdited by:Dawn Watkins, Mandy Burton
    SubAuthor1Burton, Mandy (University of Leicester,
    Pub Date24/07/2017
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    Edition2nd New ed
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    Explaining in clear terms some of the main methodological approaches to legal research, the chapters in this edited collection are written by specialists in their fields, researching in a variety of jurisdictions.

    Covering a range of topics from Feminist Approaches to Law and Economics, each contributor addresses the topic of 'lay decision makers in the legal system' from their particular methodological perspective, explaining how they would approach the issue and discussing the suitability of their particular method. This focus on one main topic allows the reader to draw comparisons between methods with relative ease.

    The broad range of contributors makes Research Methods in Law well suited to an international audience, and it is ideal reading for PhD students in law, undergraduate dissertation students in law, LL.M Research students and early year researchers.