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    Mosby's Pocket Dictionary of Medicine, Nursing & Health Professions

    ISBN: 9780323832915
    Pub Date07/06/2023
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    Edition9th Ed
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    What does that term mean? How is it even pronounced? Make sense of the complex world of health care with Mosby's (R) Pocket Dictionary of Medicine, Nursing & Health Professions, 9th Edition. This comprehensive, portable dictionary offers a unique, strong focus on nursing and health science terminology. Featuring over 37,000 authoritative definitions of diseases, procedures, equipment, drugs, and more, it ensures you have the most reliable health science information right at your fingertips in an intuitive A-to-Z format - no struggling to find sub-definitions! Word roots and pronunciations help you learn and correctly use medical terminology, and alphabetized, screened thumb tabs make finding definitions quick and easy.

    Over 35,700 definitions, focused on language in current use, ensure easy access to key information.
    Practical, strict A-to-Z organization with no subentries makes it easier to find terms.
    British spellings are included, where appropriate, for international users and for US users who need to be able to recognize alternate spellings of common terms.
    Marie O'Toole, an experienced dictionary lexicographer and nursing educator, has reviewed and revised all definitions to provide a cohesive and consistent voice.
    Small size makes this dictionary portable and convenient.
    Terms emphasize nursing and health science terminology, making this a useful resource for students and practitioners.
    Etymologies for most entries help you understand medical terminology and build a professional vocabulary.
    Pronunciations for key entries boost your confidence when using terminology in everyday practice.
    Screened thumb tabs allow you to quickly locate entries.
    A Spanish/English appendix and commonly used abbreviations are easy to access on the front and back end-sheets.

    NEW! Approximately 1,700 updated or new terms reflect the changing terminology used in medicine, nursing, and the health professions.