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    LEGO (R) Batman (TM) Order in Gotha

    The Bat-Signal has appeared in the night sky. Quick! Build your LEGO (R) Batman (TM) minifigure and race into action. Read the cool comics, tackle the tricky puzzles and bring order to Gotham City!

    LEGO (R) DOTS (R) Activity Book

    Make your own top-secret, super-cool codes with this gorgeous LEGO (R) DOTS (R) activity book.

    LEGO (R) NINJAGO (R): Nya's Powers

    Nya, Master of Water, is always busy, whether she is defending the ninja, building awesome mechs or just spending time with Jay!

    History of Europe in Bite-Sized Chu

    An accessible and succinct account of the story of Europe from its ancient foundations to the twenty-first century European Union.

    Brain Fitness Puzzle Book The: A F

    An authoritative training regime for anyone wanting to get to grips with their brain and have fun whilst improving its power. Put your brain through its paces with over 70 puzzles with bestselling author Gareth Moore and UCam Memory Lab expert, Helena M. Gellersen.

    Harry: The Unauthorized Biography

    This in-depth biography details Harry's life so far. From his childhood and his journey to fame on the X-Factor to releasing incredibly successful solo music and becoming a fashion icon, it tells the story of what led to the superstar Harry Styles has become.

    Short History of the World in 50 Li

    A Short History of the World in 50 Lies provides an alternative historical perspective on history as we know it: the fifty greatest lies that have defined us.


    The definitive biography of Queen Elizabeth II, told by the internationally renowned royal biographer Andrew Morton.

    Michael O'Mara Books Ltd