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    In his memoir, Dr MacGreil weaves together his own life with his view of the major events of each decade in Ireland, and in the wider world. Beautifully written, the author is at times gentle and nostalgic and at other times fiercely political and radical. A truly unique look at the micro and macro history of the past eighty-three years.

    Newman: A Short Biography

    An esteemed academic, prolific author and convert from the Church of England to Catholicism, Newman was a complex and conflicted individual. Intensely loyal to his friends, highly-strung, kind-hearted and tenacious, Newman combined the best of both the Anglican and Catholic traditions.

    Deep End The: A Journey with the S

    The Deep End invites readers to come on a journey through the story of Matthew's Gospel, and follows on from the first book in this series which explored Luke. Through a series of reflections on the Sunday Gospels of Year A, it offers a fresh perspective for anyone who wants to explore how the Gospel is relevant for today.

    Pedro Arrupe: A Heart Larger than the World

    This book tells the life of Pedro Arrupe SJ, 1907-1991, whose cause for beatification was introduced in 2019. Arrupe played a central role in the Church of the twentieth century and his influence endures in the many who are fired by his idealism, vision and way of life.

    Freedom from the Prison of Addictio

    Martina Killeavy marries the genius of St Ignatius to the famous Twelve-Step Programme of Alcoholics Anonymous. The result is that a pattern of gratitude, an ability to stay anchored in the present and a facility to find God in all things enters daily life. In that pattern of gratitude and that relationship with God is one path to freedom.

    Spiritual Journey of Saint Patrick

    In this book, Aidan Larkin SCC brings the academic rediscovery of Patrick to a lay audience, arguing the case for recognising and engaging with Patrick's spiritual legacy. A wealth of references to the Fathers of the Church in Patrick's own writings, encourages us to see Patrick as a religious thinker in dialogue with the Church's past and future.

    Dancing With Loneliness

    This book demonstrates that loneliness and connection are not enemies, rather two facets of everyone's life. We just need to get to know them. That's especially true of loneliness. Far from being oppressive or a threat, it can become an opportunity or a learning point. Through loneliness we can learn to bond with ourselves and with others.

    Art of Spiritual Direction The: A

    This is a concrete, practical book about spiritual accompaniment. In six chapters, the author presents the following tools: 'there is no rush', 'listening by following', 'searching for the soul', 'going deeper', 'evaluating', and 'accompanying towards spiritual maturity'.

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