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    Ionbha: The Empathy Book for Ireland

    The wide range of contributors to Ionbha acts like a compass to guide us on what truly matters in life. Their reflections on empathy illuminate the healing power of empathy and vividly open our eyes to the countless ways in which empathy shapes all of us.
    ISBN: 9781781178195
    AuthorMurphy, Cillian
    SubAuthor1Dolan, Pat
    SubAuthor2Browne, Gillian
    SubAuthor3Brennan, Mark
    Pub Date06/10/2022
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    EditionEdited by Cilli
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    Ionbha or empathy is a core element of wisdom and a universal language of the soul. It brings joy to the everyday, making the unbearable bearable. "We need empathy in schools just as we need empathy in the world right now" - Cillian Murphy, Actor and Patron of the UNESCO Child and Family Research Centre.

    The wide range of contributions to the publication Ionbha act like a compass, guiding us on things that really matter in life. Reflections on empathy illuminate its healing properties, vividly opening our eyes to the countless ways in which its power can shape us all. This collection shows that no matter how big or small, empathetic actions have a massive impact. Although we rarely appreciate how these actions affect people and their communities, they often reverberate long after we act.

    72 contributors include Michael D. Higgins, Hozier, Tolu Makay, The Edge, Rachael Blackmore, Blindboy Boatclub, Mary Coughlan, Clodagh Finn, Katy Hyland, Imelda May, Brendan O'Connor, Louise O'Neill, Valery Biden Owens.

    100% of all proceeds from the book will go directly to delivering the Activating Social Empathy education programme in Irish schools and youth work organisations.