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    21 Days to Awaken the Writer Within

    Discover insightful guidance, tools and techniques to become a skilled writer and learn how to share your work with the world. This 21-day guide to stepping into your new life as an empowered author will show you how to generate more ideas, build confidence in your writing and take your manuscript to completion.

    21 Days to Decode Your Dreams: Unlo

    Discover the deeper meaning of your dreams and understand the messages behind various signs and symbols in just 21 days. In daily segments, you'll learn how to keep a dream journal, understand recurring dreams, break troubling patterns that your dreams warn you about and create an incredible dream life to enrich your conscious time.

    Five Levels of Attachment The: Tol

    Explores the ways in which we attach ourselves inappropriately to beliefs and the world. This book looks at our own lives and see how an unhealthy level of attachment can keep us trapped in a psychological and spiritual fog. It teaches us to reclaim our true freedom by cultivating awareness, detaching, and discover our true selves.

    Comfort Zone The: Create a Life Yo

    Your comfort zone is NOT the danger zone! This paradigm-shifting guide shows you how to harness the power of joy, creativity, and ease to create the foundation for building your best life.

    Bliss Brain: The Neuroscience of Re

    Award Winner in the Science category of the 2020 Best Book Awards sponsored by American Book Fest

    SHE Sirens Oracle: A 42-Card Deck a

    Discover your inner siren and unleash the freedom, love, power and pleasure from within, with guidance from bestselling author of Witch. Each card, channeled and illustrated by Lisa, is designed to support you as you remember, reclaim and have fierce reverence for the beautiful, messy, complex, glorious siren that you are.

    Let's Talk About Loneliness: The Se

    Human connection specialist Simone Heng's definitive book on loneliness shows us how to build meaningful relationships with those that matter the most, forge new friendships, and create the genuine connections we all crave.

    Hay House UK Ltd