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    After thousands of years of expansion and conquest, the human Imperium is at its height. His dream for humanity accomplished, the Emperor hands over the reins of power to his Warmaster, Horus, and heads back to Terra. But is Horus strong enough to control his fellow commanders and continue the Emperor's grand design?

    Fall of Damnos The

    The Ultramarines, led by Captain Sicarius, confront necron forces on an ultimately doomed planet.

    Battle of the Fang

    The Space Wolves Space Marines are unleashed in the next Space Marine Battles novel.

    Deliverance Lost


    Path of the Seer

    The ancient eldar are a mysterious race and each devotes their life to a chosen path that will guide their actions and decide their fate. Thirianna abandons her simple existence to embark upon the mysterious Path of the Seer.

    Outcast Dead The

    When an Astropath has a vision about the end of the heresy, it falls to a group of renegade traitors to get him off Terra.

    Death of Antagonis The

    Space Marine Battles novel featuring the Black Dragons Chapter



    Games Workshop Ltd