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    The Bones of Me

    Told in dynamic verse and prose, The Bones of Us is a thrilling debut novel about friends, family amid the world of amateur boxing set in East London.

    Pip and the Bamboo Path

    In the great forested heights of the Himalayas, a great many species live peacefully... but their lives are changing forever as humans cut down the trees that these creatures call home.

    Hilda and the Stone Forest

    The city of Trolberg has some dark secrets to reveal... and our favourite blue-haired adventurer is about to discover them!

    Hilda and the Midnight Giant

    Join Hilda in her second adventure as she sets out to secure her birth right and find out who, if he even exists, is the mysterious Midnight Giant.

    Under the Canopy: Trees around the World

    A gorgeous picture book that explores the cultural myths and history behind trees all over the world, revealing the beauty behind these giants living among us.

    My Very Own Space

    A little rabbit is trying to read his book in peace, but there's so much going on around him! Maybe he needs some space just for himself...

    Skyward: The Story of Female Pilots in WW2

    The year is 1927, and in America, England and Russia, three young girls share a dream: to fly. But it won't be easy.

    Ancient Wonders

    How exactly was the Great Pyramid at Giza made? Were the mystical Hanging Gardens of Babylon even real? What became of the Lighthouse of Alexandria? Find out ... in Ancient Wonders.

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